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"I believe in the value of human connection and healing through touch. The human body is composed of many interconnected parts that are influenced by physiological, neurological, and spiritual states. Small shifts in the human condition significantly impact the quality and trajectory of our lives. I leverage the best massage and bodywork modalities, tools, and techniques available to create real and lasting therapeutic change. My integrated massage sessions are focused on using anatomy and kinesiology to develop a specialized massage designed to create the most therapeutic change for each individual client."

Chris's Story

Chris started Dynamic Integrative Massage Therapy with the goal of helping as many people as possible. He graduated from Denver Integrative Massage School and has since continued his education focusing on learning massage modalities that assist his clients with their goals. He specializes in Deep Tissue and Detailed therapeutic work and loves to educate his clients on how their bodies function. He also enjoys working with young athletes to maintain their bodies and improve their performance in their chosen sports. 

Chris also does extensive work with children with high support needs and is skilled in assisting them with various pathologies. His patience and care allow him to excel with a wide range of clients.



“I see the importance of care, acceptance, and nourishment within our communities and lives, and that with proper maintenance we’re able to optimize our physical, mental, and spiritual health. The link between our physical, mental, and spiritual health is strong, so when one of these aspects of our health is down, it is more difficult to achieve high health in other areas. I see the value in massage therapy’s ability to positively impact people’s health on all levels, as well as the long term impacts it can have. I am dedicated to helping whoever will allow me to bring some of that balance into their lives and assist in their healing journey.”

Brooklyn's Story

Brooklyn graduated from Denver Integrated Massage School where she found the true value of the healing art of massage. She specializes in deep tissue, Thai yoga massage and relaxation massage. She wants to help people move forward in their healing journey, and works with many clients who experience chronic pain. Brooklyn enjoys targeted work with a specific goal in mind to improve her clients’ lives.


Brooklyn offers deep tissue massage, Thai yoga massage, and relaxation massage, along with cupping and gua sha service additions. Tension focused deep tissue massage targets the body’s problem areas to reduce tension and pain. Mobility and energy flow based Thai yoga massage focuses on the body’s energy systems in order to create movement in high traffic areas while also revitalizing the system by mechanically bringing the body’s joints through their respective range of motions. Relaxation massage brings the body out of it’s typical fight-or-flight mode and gives the body a chance to relax both physically and mentally, having positive impacts on mental health as well as reducing some of the body’s tension.

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