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Do you have a loss of feeling or neuropathy after a surgery?

You aren’t alone, many people experience pain, numbness, or tingling after common surgeries.

Medical massage can help recover sensation from neuropathy, even years after a surgery!

Being a medical massage therapist is not just a profession for me; it's a commitment to helping clients navigate their path to recovery. One particular success story stands out—a journey of triumph over leg neuropathy following knee surgery. Through a carefully crafted series of sessions, we witnessed remarkable progress, and today they are completely recovered.

This is how we accomplished these incredible results:

Session 1: Week 1

Upon meeting my client 5 years post-knee surgery, he faced a daunting challenge: complete numbness in his right calf. We embarked on the healing journey with a combination of deep tissue work and cupping, aiming to stimulate blood flow and alleviate tension in the muscles.

Session 2: Week 2

As we progressed to the second session, the client reported a modest improvement—roughly 10% feeling returned to the leg. Encouraged by the initial results, we continued with a focus on deep tissue work and cupping, aiming to further enhance circulation and restore sensation.

Session 3: Week 3

Despite persistent challenges, the third session marked a turning point. While the client retained approximately 10% feeling, we introduced percussion therapy using both hands and a massage gun. This innovative approach aimed to activate the nerves and accelerate the healing process.

Session 4: Week 5

With each passing session, the breakthroughs became more apparent. By the fourth session, the client reported a significant improvement, with approximately 50% feeling returning to the leg. The therapeutic trio of deep tissue work, cupping, and percussion therapy proved effective and was seamlessly integrated into our ongoing sessions. We also added cross fiber friction and several sports massage techniques.

Session 5: Week 6

The fifth session brought both excitement and a new challenge. The client reported over 90% feeling in the leg, a remarkable achievement. However, the heightened nerve activation introduced discomfort. Undeterred, we maintained our therapeutic approach, recognizing the pain as a sign of the nerves reawakening.

Session 6: Week 7

As we continued the journey, the client reported less discomfort and almost full feeling in the leg. The persistence with our chosen therapies was paying off, as the body adapted to the healing process.

Session 7: Week 8

The final session marked the culmination of our efforts. The client reported complete feeling in the leg, free from discomfort. The triumph over leg neuropathy was not just a physical achievement but a testament to the power of targeted medical massage in supporting the body's innate ability to heal.

This transformative journey exemplifies the profound impact of medical massage therapy on recovery. By addressing the unique challenges of leg neuropathy from an old knee surgery, we navigated the complexities of nerve regeneration, acknowledging each session's incremental progress. As a medical massage therapist, witnessing my client regain full feeling in his leg is a testament to the resilience of the human body and the potential for healing through skilled therapeutic touch.

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